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ELECTRONIC SAFETY'S DEVICE ` RTG ` is made for turn-off and for use in equipments of gas burning that use pilot fire and need that the flow of gas for the main burner be cut every time that the pilot is turned off. ELECTRONIC SAFETY'S DEVICE ` RTG monitors the pilot fire through the use of a têrmocuples. Every time the pilot fire is extinguished for some reason, the equipment will interrupt the gas supply for the main burner and it will also close the pilot valve, cutting this way the gas supply of the whole system.
The typical use includes domestic central heaters and heaters of commercial offices, ovens and domestic stoves, and also equipments of industrial processing such as incinerators, boilers, etc. SAFETY ELECTRONIC DEVICE `` RTG `` can be used with natural gas, liquefied of petroleum (LP), manufactured, mixed gases or LP gas/air mixtures. It can be installed without damage to environments where the temperature ranges from -40ºC to + 80ºC (-40° to 175º F) (ambient temperature).
SAFETY ELECTRONIC DEVICE `` RTG ``also offers different setting options, allowing the replacement of parts from other brands, such as têrmocuples, lighting devices, timers, (for the models RTG01 and RTG02), allowing thus the use of an enormous range of equipments from the most varied brands.


Name of the product Switch of electronic safety for gas turn-off
Closing 100%
Operational temperature range in the room - 40 up to 80ºC (-40 up to 175th F)
On/off Manual (for models RTG Standard and RTG 01)
Electric contact SPST
Used with Natural gas, liquefied of petroleum manufactured gases or mixed petroleum liquefied gas/air.
Gross weight 0,299 Kg
Standard version Standard iron sheet box IP-65

24 / 25 VAC
125 VAC
250 VAC
120 / 240 VCA
8 A
4 A
125 VA


IMPORTANT: The installer should strictly follow the recommendations presented in the installation manual of this device, as well as the specifications provided by the manufacturer of the equipment in which this device will be installed.

Proceed according to sequence below:

1. Turn off the main gas meter and the faucet of gas supply of the equipment, cutting the whole gas supply.
2. Turn off the electric current for the equipment.
3. Fasten RTG to the equipment in a desired position, using the holes located in the rear of the device.
4. Connect the pilot burner to RTG using the tube of ¼ in (1/4 external inch), one edge linked to the hole of the pilot burner and the other edge to the exit appropriate for this purpose, located in the rear of the RTG (pilot valve), always following the direction of the gas supply, as indicated in the pilot valve.

1. test all the joints and connections where leaks of gas can occur. Use a solution of water and soap.
2. Allow the gas to go out, for approximately 50 seconds, without lighting the pilot fire, thus eliminating from the tubing any amount of air (oxygen) that can risk the good gas inflammability (blow effect).
3. Set the thermostat in the lowest position.
4. Turn off the main gas meter and the faucet of gas supply for the equipment (A) and the supplying valve of the pilot (B) if there is any (see fig. 1). Wait for 5 minutes to be sure that there are no more gases accumulated in the tubing.
5. Press the ''RTG '' on/off button to turn it on, press the button ``PILOT `` that will turn on the pilot valve, then light the pilot burner.
6. Turn on the main meter (A), the main burner will be lit by the pilot burner just after the thermostat needs the heat in the process.
7. Disconnect the RTG, and the valve of the main burner should immediately and automatically be turned off. If it doesn't happen, check the electric part of the installation, it is probably incorrect. After succeeding in the test, reconnect the têrmocuples to its due receiver.
8. Check the milivoltage in the têrmocuples exit and the range of miliamperes drop in the terminal of the electric power unit, noticing if the parameters are the same shown in the tables 3 and 4.
9. Relight the pilot.
10. Select the thermostat temperature for the desired value.
11. Make the equipment work for at least three complete cycles to certify that everything is working correctly.
12. Be sure that the color of fire of the Big (main) burner is blue. If not, adjust it by setting the opening of the air/gas mixture. Yellow/orange fire indicates inadequate air/gas mixture, this means inappropriate burn and it will cause future damages in the components that work in direct contact with the fire, example: têrmocuples, pilot burner, main burner etc. . .


Check the milivoltage in the exit of the têrmocuples and the range of miliamper drop in the terminal of the electric power unit (fig. 2), making sure that the parameters are those shown in the tables 3 and 4. Replace the têrmocuples and/or RTG if one or the two of them are out of the range shown in the abovementioned table.


Types of têrmocuples
Turns off again
Milivoltage of Work
It is not in perfect operation
4 mV
20-28 mV
4 mV


Operation Range (MA)
têrmocuples / Types
738002 - 800mm (29 in)
73800201 - 1000mm (36in)
73800202 - 1500mm (56in)


1. Turn off the main gas meter and the faucet of gas supply for the equipment, thus cutting the whole gas supply.
2. Turn off the electric current for the equipment.
3. Disconnect the têrmocuples of RTG.
4. Disconnect the threads and mark them for the re-installation, remove the old (used) RTG.
5. Fasten the new RTG firmly in the wall through the holes, or make the adaptation using cramps, etc.
6. From this point on, follow the steps of the PROCEDURE AFTER the INSTALLATION, p. 03.
Note: RTG can be fastened in any position. The fixation is made through the holes located on the top of the laterals of the metal box of the device.

If the fire of the pilot burner turns yellow, it indicates that there is an accumulation of dirt in the bottom of the burner. Clean it with a soft brush or compressed air.
The fire of the burner should be pointing to the tip of the têrmocuples at an approximate height of 12. 7 mm.
The connection tip of the têrmocuples with the unit of electric power should be clean and free from greases and fats, because its operation is electric and it requests good conductivity.
PRECAUTIONS - The incorrect installation can cause leaks of gas, fire or explosion, as well as material and personal damages. Never make repairs, replacement or installation of this device before being certain that: 1-the meter and main faucet of gas supply for the equipment is totally turned off. 2-avoid risks of electric shock and sparks, cutting the electric current of the equipment before handling it.
In case you need to turn off the main burner during the operation of the equipment without turning itself off, press the " PILOTO'' button that will delay the fire turn-off for an approximate period of 20 seconds. In case you need to stay more time with the burner turnedoff, just press the button '' PILOTO'' for the time that is necessary. After loosing it, it temporizes + 20 seconds and then it opens the main valve supplying the main burner again, everything without harming the operation of the pilot burner that will keep operating normally. When you turn off the RTG supply button (on/off) and then have to turn it on again, you should wait at least 20 seconds before doing it, because this is the time that the processor takes to get ready for the beginning of the sign of the têrmocuples.


Figura :19 F

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